11 essential supplies every crocheter must know. Did you know about #10?

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If you're just starting out in the wonderful world of crocheting, trying to figure out what you need, what is actually useful, and what is just for looks can be really hard. When you walk into a crafting store, you're inundated with several rows of goods. But if you should go into a yarn store, be ready for information overload.
Listed below are 11 items that can come in really handy if you are serious about crocheting. Some of the items are "must-haves" and others are just "really handy." Whether you decide to only invest in the "must-haves" or decide to go all out, the information you glean should be truly helpful.
1. Crochet hooks kit
Any person who intends to crochet will eventually discover that whatever project he or she is working on will require taking it on the road to complete. The crochet hooks kit is great for keeping all your hooks and stitch markers together in one place. If you want to get set up with the basic supplies to start crocheting with very little cost, this kit is perfect. Available here, it comes with a selection of hooks, markers, yarn cutters, and knitting tools, making this item a "must-have."
2. Crochet blocking mat
One reviewer said, "I’m somewhat new to crocheting and just learned the value of blocking a finished project. This kit has the foam interlocking squares and pins to secure your work. It comes in a zippered bag for easy storage. If you crochet you need this item!" Available for purchase here.
3. Clover yarn cutter pendant
Another "must-have" item is a yarn cutter. It can be something as simple as scissors or as nifty as this yarn cutter, but you have to have something to cut your yarn. Available for purchase here, this cutter is compact. You won't have to worry about sharp points poking through and catching on stuff either.
4. Yarn organizer
Once you get started working with yarn, you rarely get away with having just one or two skeins around. You generally have five or more. In order to keep the yarn from getting tied in knots and tangling together, a yarn organizer is pretty close to a "must-have." Available for purchase here, this is really just a basket with holes through which you can feed the loose ends of yarn.
5. Crochet hook with light
These lighting crochet hooks hit the "must-have" list if you enjoy crocheting in the car or in a room where the lighting isn't great. Rather than turning on extra lights, simply turn on your hook. Available for purchase here, these may move from "really cool" to "must-have" really fast depending on what you do.
6. Yarn bowl
Unless you have someone who just loves to sit there and feed you your yarn, a yarn bowl moves pretty quickly to the "must-have" list. Without it, you have to stop frequently to unwind more yarn. This bowl, available here for purchase, feeds the yarn to you and keeps it untangled.
7. Yarn organizer tote bag
Those who love to crochet will put this item on their "must-have" list. Often you end up carrying your projects with you when you travel and working on them in the car. This yarn organizer tote keeps your projects neatly stored and hooks organized. It's also large enough for more than one project. If you're interested, it's available for purchase here.
8. Multicolored crochet hooks in many sizes
Available for purchase here. A complete set of crochet hooks in various sizes should be on everyone's "must-have" list. Rarely do all patterns call for the same size hook, and purchasing the hooks in a set is far less expensive than buying them individually.
9. Crochet kit for kids
This crochet kit is perfect to get kids started crocheting. Available here for purchase, it makes a great gift for grandkids, nieces, nephews, and children.
10. Crochet book with techniques and stitches
Although you can find almost any stitch online, you don't always have access to the internet. That means that having a book on stitches comes in extremely handy. Available for purchase here, it should definitely hit the "must-have" list.
11. Stitch markers
As your patterns become more difficult, stitch markers become a must. Available here for purchase, they're an investment well worth the money.
Most of the time if you are going to do a craft project, spending the money to get properly set up is well worth the cost. You prevent a great deal of frustration, and the enjoyment and relaxation that comes from working with your hands is something you just can't put a price tag on.

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