Crochet over wire to achieve a surprising yet lovely result (video)

Watch the video above to learn everything you have to know about this interesting technique: How to crochet over wire.
Anybody who has crocheted at all knows that the end product is generally soft and pliable. If you are making a sweater, a hat, a scarf or an afghan, that is exactly what you are going for; but if you want an end product that is able to hold a rigid form, yarn just isn't firm enough.
Some very creative people have solved the problem of how to combine the beauty of crochet with the rigidity needed for some practical household items. By using some stiff wire and crocheting the yarn around the wire, you can get the form you desire while keeping the beauty you enjoy.
Fiber Art Reflections creates a bowl by using wire cable clothesline and yarn. Since the clothesline comes in a coil, it is ideal for doing something like this. The maker does state that you need to be sure to use a heavy enough yarn so that the clothesline can't be seen when the sun shines on the work.
This basket is made by using chicken wire for the frame. Chunky yarn is then "finger crocheted" into a rope that is then woven into the top and bottom and creates the handles.
Petals to Picots uses pipe cleaners to create the stiff handles of this Easter basket. The yarn is simply crocheted around the cleaners. No other wire is needed for the project.
Rather than leave your USB cords looking all the same and hard to find, UK Crochet Patterns recommends crocheting yarn around the cords. You can do a different color for each cord, and then you will be able to quickly recognize the one for which you're looking.
If making a larger basket interests you, Nurin-Kurin makes one using clear tubing and ribbon. Simply crochet the ribbon around the tubing for stiffness.
Amazingly, all of these ideas are really quite simple to make. Most require being able to do the chain and single crochet. Add a little bit of wire to your projects, and you, too, may find some additional uses for your hooks and yarn.