Stay ultra warm this cold season with these 20 free crochet hat patterns

Cooler temperatures abound, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about keeping your ears warm. An adorable crochet hat keeps your body heat where it belongs (in your body) and lets you express your personality and mad crochet skills.
Check out a few of these adorable ideas, grab your hooks and yarn and get busy! You may even find yourself tackling more than one of these charming projects.
1. How to crochet a puff stitch hat, video tutorial by Teresa Richardson
This puff stitch pattern is for experienced beginners. You can have the whole project finished in just a few hours so you can toss it on the same day! You'll need to know how to do a puff stitch and single crochets to finish this cozy head warmer. Watch the video above to see how it's done.
2. Easy double crochet beanie, free pattern on Oombawka Design
This hat is a pretty simple style. You should be familiar with double crochets and rounds. If you want a straightforward hat, this one is a great option. If you have your double crochets down, you can finish this quickly. Plus, it's free. You can also check out Oombawka's half-double crochet pattern. The pattern comes in different sizes, so you can fit it to your head size.
3. Textured hat, free crochet pattern on Yarnspirations
This hat is adorable! We love all the different textures on this hat, from the fuzzy ball to the puffed body and the flat, ridged finish. This hat would look adorable in any color. This beginner-friendly pattern is available as a free download on Yarnspirations.
4. "Warm Hug Hat," free crochet pattern on Jessie at Home
Who doesn't love a good hat braid? This fun hat is chunky, colorful and warm! This free pattern is beginner-friendly, too! Use a thicker yarn, and try a multicolored yarn for a fun look. You'll need to know how to do a double crochet and half double crochet.
5. Heart stitch hat, free crochet pattern on Whistle and Ivy
This sweet winter hat is pretty enough for a little kid but also mature enough to look great on Mom. This free pattern is a bit trickier, especially for beginners, but it's so cute you should try it anyway!
6. Striped slouchy beanie, free pattern on Corn on the Monkey
This fun hat is cute and pretty simple. You'll need to know how to do a double crochet and half double crochet for this free pattern. The pattern is easy enough for beginners to tackle. If you're feeling particularly crafty, you could try switching colors in the middle.
7. "Black Cat Slouch Hat," free pattern on Persia Lou
If you have to keep your head warm, you might as well look cute doing it. The pattern is pretty simple, but you'll want to take your time on this one. Choose a super bulky yarn to get the right texture. We'd love to see this in white or gray, too!
8. Cable stitch beanie, free crochet pattern on All About Ami
If you love a cozy cable-knit sweater, you'll love this hat! It has the elegance and clean lines of the traditional cable knit pattern. Toss on an adorable fluffy ball to add femininity and a contrasting soft texture. This pattern is free. This is a moderately difficult pattern including front post treble crochets and back post double crochets.
9. Retro cloche hat, free pattern on Hopeful Honey
This hat is perfection! You don't have to go the traditional route with your winter wear. This 1920s-inspired hat is fun, adorable and warm. The best part: The pattern is free! This is a fairly easy pattern, relying mostly on double crochets and slip stitches.
10. Chunky ribbed slouch hat, free crochet pattern on Persia Lou
Take the slouch hat to a new level with thicker ridges. You should be comfortable with double crochets and half double crochets to tackle this otherwise simple pattern. The pattern even offers an option of creating your own pom-pom for the top.
11. "City Sophisticate" hat, free pattern on Red Heart
If you like a bit of a throwback look that's fun and classy, this free pattern is a great option. You can download for free the midlevel pattern or customize your own for a few dollars.
12. Waffle stitch beanie, free pattern on Gleeful Things
This waffle stitch is a fun, modern twist on a winter hat. You can get started on this stylish project with the free pattern. This is an intermediate-level project. The stitches (mostly single and double crochets plus spaces and slip stitches) aren't difficult, but the pattern is a bit tricky. Try this in a fluffy white yarn for an elegant winter look!
13. Elf hat, free pattern on Andrea's Notebook
This holiday-spirited hat is such a fun option! The easy pattern is free, and you need to know only how to double crochet to tackle this one. Try this same pattern in red and green or green and white or ... well, there are a million ways to make this even cuter!
14. "Pretty Girl Beanie," free pattern on Crochet Rochelle
If you love the vintage look, this hat is the perfect option for you. A throwback to the days of flapper girls, this hat is classy, elegant and charming. This is a simple pattern and looks great in any combo of colors!
15. Owl hat, free crochet pattern on Repeat Crafter Me
How cute is this hat? While it's a perfect option for kids, teens (and some free-spirited grownups) could pull off this look, too! The pattern is fairly easy and can accommodate newborns up to adults.
16. Women's hat, free crochet pattern on
This fun style looks expensive, but you can make it yourself with just a bit of yarn and time. The pattern is on the difficult end, but we think the results are worth it! Try this in an array of color patterns.
17. "Papa's Beanie," free crochet pattern on Nana's Crochet Creations
This fun style is simple but charming. The pattern for this hat is easy. You'll need to know double crochets and half double crochets to nail this pattern.
18. "Delany Hat," free crochet pattern on Danyel Pink Designs
Forget pom-poms. Try fun twirls on top of your winter hat. The mix of colors on this pattern makes this a fun option for kids. Try this pattern in a solid color for a more grown-up look.
19. Winter beanie, free pattern on Over the Apple Tree
Here's another twist on the vintage style hat. This sweet pattern would look perfect with a fitted tweed coat! Luckily, the pattern consists of a magic circle and double crochets. Try this in black and gray for a really elegant project.
20. Newsboy hat, free pattern on Hopeful Honey
This style is a fun twist on the traditional crocheted hat. Like all the other hats on this list, the pattern is free! This pattern works in rounds of double and half double crochets. Add a fun button on to cover loose ends and for a pretty focal point.
What do you think of these hats? If you love them as much as we do, don't forget to share these ideas with your friends on Facebook.

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