17 awesome crochet projects to finally use all that leftover yarn

You buy yarn for a project, and when the project is complete, you're left with just a small amount of yarn. It's not enough for another project, but it's still good, so you don't want to throw it away. Eventually, you have a large collection of leftover yarn and no idea what to do with all of it.
Crochet enthusiasts through time have run into the same problem, and over the years they have come up with some creative uses for their leftovers. Whether you have just a small amount of yarn or a large collection, countless options await you. Below are seventeen of the cutest possibilities we've found for you.
1. Chair leg warmers by Simply Notable
Everyone knows that chair legs can scrape up floors. A way to protect the finish on your floor and put your leftover yarn to good use is making "leg warmers" for your chairs.
2. Scrap yarn blanket by Keeping It Stepford
Another possible use for scrap yarn is making a multicolored basket-weave blanket. You could go all colorful like this blanket or use neutral colors that complement each other for this project.
3. Colorful moss stitch scarf by Made by Mriek
If you love scarves, using your leftover yarn to do the moss stitch can create a beautiful, colorful scarf. The moss stitch requires only the single crochet and the chain stitch.
4. Little Nubby Scrubbie by Stitches 'N' Scraps
Getting all the junk off dishes can be a challenge. For the hard-to-reach places and smaller jobs, use your yarn leftovers to create little scrubbers that slip over a couple of fingers to help keep your dishes clean.
5. Stashbuster rectangular shawl by Esther Sandrof via Ravelry
Another great use for leftover yarn is making a colorful shawl. Since it has so many colors, using up leftover bits is simple.
6. Granny stripe blanket by Sugar Bee Crafts
If you have enough leftovers of different colors, you can create a granny stripe afghan. Just make sure you have enough of each color to complete two rows.​
7. Leftover yarn garland by Zeza & Flor
Little children love bright colors. What's better for decorating a child's room than a colorful garland made out of leftover yarn? All you need to know is the single crochet. You can join the links together using a darning needle or the slip stitch.
8. Easy mittens by PoshPatterns via Etsy
Mittens that shift through colors can be created out of leftover yarn with colors that complement each other.
9. Rainbow blanket by Haak Maar Raak
This blanket by Haak Maar Raak is a sampler of stitches. Each row showcases a different stitch and is a great excuse for changing yarn color. It's a great way to use up your leftovers.
10. Scrap Love Scarf by FiberFlux
Another great way to use up your smaller lengths of yarn scraps is to make a granny stripe scarf.
11. Crochet basket by Elk Studio
Creating baskets is a great way to put the leftovers to use. Using a little bit of wire on the top and bottom of the basket will help them retain their form.
12. Circus Patchwork blanket by Coco Rose Diaries
Making a patchwork afghan is another great use of your scraps. Each individual piece can be made of a different leftover, and then you can join them all together for a splash of organized chaos on a bed.
13. Poncho by Dawn Sparks
A colorful poncho can put leftover lengths of yarn to use and look as awesome as the one pictured below.
14. Clock cozy by RetroBaby
If you want to brighten up a room and personalize your clock, use your extra yarn to create a cover for your wall clock. All you need to know is the single crochet.
15. Flower shawl by Atty-s
Another creative use of leftovers is a crocheted flower shawl, with each flower made from different colors of yarn. You need to know how to do the chain, the single crochet, the double crochet, the long double crochet and the slip stitch.
16. Coasters by Haak Maar Raak
Everyone needs coasters to protect their wooden surfaces from sweat from glasses. Putting your leftover yarn to use to create coasters means you have a rainbow of colors to scatter around the house to protect your furniture.
17. Rainbow socks by Oomanoot
Everybody needs socks, and girls love fun socks. Using your extras, you can create some "happy" rainbow socks that will match any color outfit you choose to wear.
Although having leftover yarn can make you cringe, knowing that so many cool ideas exist to use up the leftovers makes having the extra yarn left a little less painful. In fact, you may find you look forward to the next project you can make with leftover yarn.