How to crochet the crossed ripple stitch (video and written instructions)

This stitch has it all - oodles of texture, plenty of sophistication, and it builds up to a wonderfully snuggly pattern which is just right for pillow covers, blankets, and scarves to keep out the bitterest chill.
Best of all, it's not complicated to learn, so watch this great tutorial from New Stitch a Day to get started.
Watch the crossed ripple stitch video tutorial:
Pro tip: This stitch works best in a medium weight yarn which brings out its complexities without becoming cumbersome. Try Aran, worsted or DK yarns for the best results.
This stitch looks great in a medium weight yarn, for instance, a DK or worsted weight. If you'd like something chunkier, try going up to Afghan weight. Your hook sizes respectively should be a G-6, a 7 or an H-8. Always check the band from your yarn for the manufacturers' hook size suggestions for additional guidance.
Chain ch
Single crochet sc
Double crochet dc
Double crochet round front fpdc
Special stitches involved in this pattern
Double crochet round front
The only tricky aspect of this stitch is the use of the front post double crochet, sometimes known as the round front double crochet. It can be abbreviated as either fpdc, dcrf, rfdc or dc/rf. Make a fpdc by yarning over, then inserting your hook from the front side of the work, around the stem of the stitch you are working from right to left. The effect is to push the stitch forward, creating a ribbed look which adds interest and texture to the fabric you are making. As you continue with the pattern, you'll notice that the stitches pop out more as you go along, making it easier for you to get around the posts.
Written instructions
The crossed ripple starts off with a foundation chain in multiples of three, plus one for turning. So decide how wide you'd like to make your project, then chain the appropriate number of stitches, making sure they divide by three. Then add one extra.
Row 1: Single crochet into the second ch from the hook, then continue to put 1sc into each stitch to the end of the row. Turn.
Row 2: Start off with 3ch (representing 1dc). Skip 1st sc. *Skip next 2 sts, 1dc into next sc, 1ch, I dc back into 1st of the 2 sts you have just skipped, repeat from * finishing with 1dc into last st. The stitches you skipped and then returned to are called the Crossed Pair. Turn.
Row 3: 1ch, 1sc into 1st st, continue to sc into each st and each ch sp to the end of the row, working last st into top of tch, turn.
Row 4: Ch3 (representing 1dc) skip 1st sc, *skip 2sc, dc into next sc, ch1, front post double crochet (fpdc) into dc 2 rows below.
Repeat rows 3 and 4 until you have completed your project.
This pattern creates a richly textured, yet quite lacy effect which works really well on blankets and throws.

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