How to crochet the waistcoat stitch or center single crochet (video & written instructions)

Center single crochet, or waistcoat stitch, is a lovely simple stitch that looks a lot like a knitted stocking stitch.
It's great for creating a dense crocheted fabric and makes super-warm scarves and hats. It can also be used for bags where a closely-woven texture is important.
Watch the center single crochet video tutorial:
The center single crochet is a dense, closely textured stitch which works up well in DK or worsted weight yarns.
Pro tip: This is a great stitch to choose for scarves as both sides of the finished project will be identical.
Pro tip: Choose a variegated colored yarn, this will add interest to your final result without the necessity for changing yarns and weaving in ends.
Pro tip: Use a hook at least one size bigger than you would normally for your weight of yarn. As you will be working into the stitch itself, rather than the loops above it, it is important to keep your tension loose, which you can achieve with a larger hook than usual. Check your ball band if you are in doubt and size up. If you choose a hook two sizes bigger than usual, your final fabric will have more drape.
Pro tip: use a hook with a pointed end if possible, this will make working deep into the stitches easier without splitting your yarn.
Ch chain stitch
Sc single crochet
Sk skip
Yo yarn over
St stitch
Csc center single crochet
Special stitches involved in this pattern
Center single crochet
The centre single crochet stitch is formed in the same way as a standard single crochet, but is made in a different position. Instead of working at the top of the stitch, you need to locate the inverted V-shape created by the stitch in the row beneath, then insert your hook into the centre of that V. You may have to push your hook through by wiggling it a little. This is why you need to use a larger hook than usual, so the stitches do not become too tight. Then yo, pull up the loop, yo again and pull through to finish the stitch.
Written pattern
Create a foundation chain with a length to suit your project.
Row 1: sk first st, sc into second ch, now sc into each stitch of the foundation chain. Ch 1, turn.
Row 2: Now csc into each st of the row, ch 1 at the end and turn. Continue until your work has reached your desired length.
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