Watch how to create embossed crochet patterns (video & written pattern)

Embossing a design on your crochet squares can really make your afghans stand out!
Raising a pattern in bobble or puff stitches against a plain background creates a stunning effect and doesn't take long to learn. Once you've tried it, you'll soon be designing your own fun patterns and personalizing throws, blankets and pillow covers.
Watch the Bella Coco embossed crochet tutorial:
You can use any yarn for embossed crochet, but the tutorial above uses a DK weight yarn, which produces a great effect and gives nice, chunky bobbles. A heavier yarn might make your bobbles look clumsy, and a finer yarn could make them too wispy. If you are going for a DK weight yarn, you'll need a 4.5 mm/7 or 5 mm/H8 crochet hook, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. You'll also need a pair of scissors and a tapestry hook to weave in your ends.
Pro tip: You can create any pattern you like with embossed bobbles or puffs, but it's best to work out your design beforehand. You can do this with squared or graph paper (or rule your own lines on some scrap paper), marking off the design with one square per stitch. Allow for one single crochet stitch between each bobble, while one row of single crochets looks good between your bobble rows. This will make sure your pattern stands out well and the bobbles don't get too crowded.
bo — bobble stitch 
ch — chain
dc — double crochet
sc — single crochet
st(s) — stitch(es)
yo — yarn over
Special stitches involved in this pattern
Bobble stitch instructions
To create a bobble stitch, insert hook into space, yo, pull through, 3 loops on hook, yo, pull through 2, 2 loops remaining, yo, insert hook into same st, yo, pull through, yo, pull through, 3 loops remaining. Keep going until you have 5 loops remaining on hook. Now yo, pull through all sts, pull down to puff st, sc into next st along to anchor bobble.
Written instructions
For the heart square in the tutorial above, you'll need to ch 19 for your foundation row, plus one extra.
Row 1: sc into 3rd ch from hook, sc all along the row, ch2 and turn.
Rows 2-4: sc all along row, ch2 and turn at end of row.
Row 5: sc 9 sts, bo, sc to end of row, ch2 and turn.
Row 6: sc entire row, ch2 and turn.
Row 7: sc 7 sts, bo, sc, bo, sc, bo, sc rest of row, ch2 and turn.
Row 8: sc entire row, ch2 and turn.
Row 9: sc 5 sts, alternate bo and sc 5 times, sc rest of row, ch2 and turn.
Row 10: sc entire row, ch2 and turn.
Row 11: sc 3 sts, alternate bo and sc 7 times, sc rest of row, ch2 and turn.
Row 12: sc entire row, ch2 and turn.
Row 13: repeat row 11, ch2 and turn.
Row 14: sc entire row, ch2 and turn.
Row 15: sc 5 sts, bo, sc, bo, 3sc, bo, sc, bo, 6 sc, ch2 and turn.
Rows 16-19 sc all sts, ch2 and turn at the end of each row. At the end of row 19, finish off.

Great for throws!
September 27   ·  
This stitch produces a rich texture and is perfect for scarves.
September 26   ·  
Beautiful for blankets and throws
September 25   ·