9 stunning stitches that you'll want to crochet over and over again

To become a skilled crocheter, the first step is to become familiar with all the different stitches you can do. For instance, some stitches look best with multiple yarn colors while others are best for a textured appearance. With so much variation out there, where do you start?
Don't worry. The following is a list of some of the most stunning stitches out there. Learn how each stitch is used, and be sure to watch the video to follow along with the steps at home.
1. Block stitch
This brick stitch, also called the block stitch, is a popular stitch for adding dimension and interest to any crochet project. The stitch is made up, usually, of a main color and accent colors that compliment each other.
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This stitch resembles blocks or bricks stacked on top of each other and creates a crochet fabric that has great coverage without many gaps or holes. Watch the video below to learn how to do this look.
2. Granny spike stitch
The granny spike stitch is a variation of a traditional granny stitch where you crochet clusters of three double crochets with chain spaces in the middle. The traditional granny stitch creates a fabric with lots of gaps that you would see on an old-fashioned afghan.
The granny spike stitch, however, utilizes an elongated spike stitch within each granny cluster to make all the clusters fit together more seamlessly, leaving you with a fabric void of any gaps. This is a great stitch for making blankets, hats, bags or even wearables. It has great coverage and definition, especially when you use multiple colors of yarn. Follow along the video below.
3. Popcorn stitch
The popcorn stitch is a beautiful crochet stitch with loads of texture and personality. It creates huge, raised bobbles in the fabric that add dimension to any crochet project.
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You can use the popcorn stitch to make bumpy blankets, bags, pillows, and even scarves! This texture creates a unique look and lots of warmth. Learn how to do this in the video below.
4. Waffle stitch
The waffle stitch is a simple crochet stitch consisting of double crochets and front post double crochets. It has beautiful texture and design, looking so intricate — like you spent many more hours on the project than you really did!
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It produces a look similar to a freshly baked waffle with ridges going both horizontally and vertically - syrup and butter not included! Follow the video below to do this stitch at home.
5. Chevron stitch
Chevron, or zig-zag, patterns are everywhere lately! They are on-trend and popular — so why not crochet the trendiest pattern out there? It's easy and quick, with stunning detail.
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Chevron is an easy stitch to master, made up of only single crochets that produce a stunning effect. Even the beginner crocheter can make all the pretty chevron things. Watch the video below to do this at home.
6. Sweet rosette stitch
This stitch is delicate and pretty, just like you! It resembles a sweet rosette motif with lots of detail and flair. It's the perfect stitch for a baby blanket, scarf or dish scrubby.
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It always comes out most beautiful when you use variegated yarn (yarn with many colors in the same skein) with a short color change (meaning the colors change very often). This way, you get several colors of yarn within each rosette stitch, resembling petals of a flower. Learn more by following the video below.
7. Entrelac stitch
You've probably seen gorgeous two-color entrelac Tunisian crochet and dismissed it as too difficult to attempt. With our video guide below, it needn't be hard at all.
8. Spike stitch
Sometimes when you crochet, you want a look that is classy but doesn't take a lot of time to complete. Whether the reason is because you just found out you need to make a gift or you just don't want to spend the next few months working on the same project, having a stitch that gives you the classy look without being super time-consuming comes in extremely handy. Since the spike stitch is made up of single crochets — short and long ones — any beginner at crochet can create this look.
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Whatever project you have in mind, the spike stitch is simple yet elegant. Its simplicity will allow you to finish your project quickly. By changing up the number of spikes and whether they hang below or above the solid yarn color, you can create numerous different looks. Be sure to watch the video below to learn more.
9. Puff stitch
The puff stitch is a simple stitch evocative of a half double crochet with some repeats. It creates an interesting look with fluffy texture and is great for blankets, home decor items, and wearables.
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Pro Tip: Loosen your tension to finish the stitch easier - when pulling through all of those loops on your hook, things can get tight easily. Follow along the video below to learn more.