Watch how to crochet the fern lace shell stitch (video and written instructions)

If you're looking for a dainty new stitch perfect for spring throws and afghans, then you'll love the fern lace shell stitch.
It's a mixture of fans and chains, adding up to a lovely light and airy look that will add a graceful touch to all your projects. Best of all, it's super-quick to learn.
Watch the fern lace shell stitch video tutorial:
You can use any yarn for this stitch, but be wary of picking too heavy a weight as you will lose the charming definition of the pattern. A fingering weight up to DK would suit it best. You'll need to check your manufacturer's band for hook size suggestions. You'll also need a pair of scissors and a tapestry needle for weaving in ends.
* repeat from here the number of times required.
ch chain
dc double crochet
rep repeat
sk skip
Written instructions
For this stitch you'll need to make a foundation chain in multiples of 6, plus 3.
Row 1: dc into 5th ch from the hook, sk 4 ch, dc into 5th ch, ch 1 and dc into same ch. I dc into next ch, ch 1 and dc into same ch. Sk 4 chs, *dc into 5th ch, ch 1, dc into same ch. 1 dc into next ch, ch 1, dc into same ch, sk 4* and rep along row, finishing with a dc.
Row 2: ch4 and turn. Dc into first dc, sk 1 dc, in 2nd dc work 1 dc. Ch 1 and dc into same dc. Dc in next dc, ch 1 and dc into same dc. *Sk 2dc, in 3rd dc, dc, ch1, dc in same dc. Dc into next dc, ch1, dc into same dc. *Repeat to end of row, ending with a dc.
Repeat this pattern until project reaches desired size.

Great for throws!
September 27   ·  
This stitch produces a rich texture and is perfect for scarves.
September 26   ·  
Beautiful for blankets and throws
September 25   ·