Watch how to crochet the butterfly stitch (video and written instructions)

This irresistible little butterfly stitch is a pretty way to adorn covetable blankets, pillows and throws. Using a clever slanting variation on the double crochet, the butterfly stitch will soon be spreading its wings over all your projects.
This simple stitch is suitable for beginners as, once you've got the hang of it, you will find it crochets up with ease and your projects will grow satisfyingly quickly.
Watch the butterfly stitch video tutorial:
You can use any yarn for this stitch but a DK is probably the best weight to start with as it will crochet up fast but without sacrificing the delicacy of the pattern. If you'd like to make a really airy, lacy butterfly stitch project, you could try a light fingering yarn, and the result would be perfect for summer shawls or a table cloth. Check your manufacturer's band for hook size suggestions. You'll also need a pair of scissors and a tapestry needle for weaving in ends.
ch chain
BFS butterfly stitch
sc single crochet
st(s) stitch(es)
yo yarn over
Special stitches involved in this pattern
The butterfly stitch (BFS) is created as follows: insert hook into st, draw up a loop, yo, pull through one loop, insert hook into next st, draw up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops, yo, pull through 2 loops, chain 1.
Written instructions
To start, create a foundation chain in multiples of 21.
Row 1: put your first BFS in 2nd ch from hook, using 2 sts to complete the stitch and finishing with ch 1, as described above. Continue to BFS across entire row.
Row 2: sc in 1st stitch and along entire row, finishing with 1 sc into top of previous BFS and 1 sc into large st at end of row. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 3: BFS along row, sk last st and finish BFS in ch 1 from previous row. Repeat rows 2 and 3 until your project reaches the desired length.

A simple and stylish addition to your crochet repertoire!
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