Watch how to crochet the even berry stitch (video and written instructions)

The even berry stitch gets its name from the rows of equal-sized and delicious looking bobbles it creates, a bit like a harvest of tempting blueberries. It's a warm and snuggly stitch that would be perfect for blankets and throws and is even suitable for small babies, as there are no holes to catch tiny fingers and toes.
The berry stitch itself is created in a similar way to a puff stitch. It's an intermediate level stitch, which means it's suitable for all those feeling confident enough to try something new. Once you've got the hang of the berry stitch itself there are few further difficulties involved.
Watch the even berry stitch tutorial:
You can use most yarns for this stitch, though avoid the chunkier weights as they will make the berry stitches bulky and difficult to achieve. A worsted or DK weight would produce a nice effect. Check your manufacturer's band for hook size suggestions. You will also need a pair of scissors and a tapestry needle for weaving in ends.
*repeat from here number of times required
ch chain
rep repeat
sc single crochet
sk skip
sl st slip stitch
st(s) stitch(es)
yo yarn over
Special stitches involved in this pattern
The berry stitch is created as follows: yo, insert hook into next st, yo and pull through st. Yo, pull through 1st loop on hook. Yo, insert hook into same st, yo and pull through st. Yo, pull through 1st loop on hook. Yo, pull through all 5 loops on hook, ch 1.
Written instructions
Create a foundation chain long enough for your project, in multiples of 2.
Row 1: sk 2 ch, 1 sc in 3rd ch from hook. 1 sc in every ch. Turn.
Row 2: ch 1 *1 berry st in next st. Sl st in next st. Repeat from * across row, ending with sl st in turning ch. Turn.
Row 3: ch2. *Sl st in next berry st. 1 sc in next sl st. Repeat from * across row, ending with sc in turning ch. Turn.
Row 4: ch1. *1 berry st in next sl st. Sl st in next sc. Repeat from the * across row, ending with sl st in turning ch. Turn.
Repeat rows 3 - 4 until project reaches your desired length.

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