10 stunning hexagon crochet motifs you must have in your repertoire

If you're tired of squares and daunted by circles, think of crocheting hexagons for your next blanket or afghan. Use these versatile six-sided shapes to build up satisfying patterns or opt for random colors for a cheerful effect.
With six different patterns to select from, you'll be spoilt for choice.
1. Granny hexagon
You may be more used to seeing these in square format but granny goes beautifully into hexagons. Best of all this is a super-simple pattern so you'll have a pile of hexies before you know it. See here for the pattern.
2. Another variation:
3. Granny stitch hexagon
A variation on the theme above, this hexagon is even simpler than the first as it has no color changes and thus no ends to weave in. Having said that, you can change up the colors if you feel like it. Have a look at the pattern here.
4. Here's another variation:
5. Starflower
For a really stunning floral, why not give this starflower pattern a go? Looking a little like a passion flower in full bloom, this motif looks gorgeous worked in solid colors but the petals can be made in variegated yarn too to add even more drama.
6. Scrap savers hexagon
You can make this pretty hexagon out of scrap yarn in a solid color, or change up every row to really bring out the design - up to you but either way, it's going to make a stunning finished project.
7. Circles in hexagons
These brilliantly colourful hexies feature circles within the six-sided shape. Choose a medley of bright colors or opt for quieter pastels if you prefer.
8. Baby blanket beauty
This simply splendid hexagons would make a perfect baby blanket in this colorway, but equally you could dial up the tones to produce a more vibrant effect if you liked. Either way, an easy pattern that's fun to make and will produce a lovely end product.
9. Turn your hexagon crochet into a bed duvet cover
Add some extra color into your life.
10. Go global with the hexagon motif
Below is a Moroccan style pattern that is then turned into a stunning cushion. Follow the full guide here.
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