6 super easy ways to speed up your crochet style

Sometimes you start a project in good faith ... but then it takes so long that you get fed up. We've all been there. How do you speed up your work so that you don't lose interest?
Our top tips will help you work faster and get everything finished, giving you greater crocheting satisfaction.
1. Choose a project to suit the time available
It sounds obvious, but if you only have a couple of hours to spare, don't embark on a complex, intricate pattern that will only produce a couple of rows in the period you have on hand. If time is limited, think large and lacy—a simple stitch like a granny row or even some double treble crochet will give you plenty of chunky work for not much time investment—great if you want to whip up a quick scarf. Choose a large hook and chunky wool to really up the speed factor.
2. Practice makes perfect
Nothing speeds up crochet like plenty of practice. The wonky row of foundation chains that took you hours way back when, takes only a few moments when you've got some hours of repetition under your belt. The same goes for any pattern you try. The more you do it, the quicker you'll become.
3. Look for snags
If you feel your crochet is flowing nicely, except for the way you hold the yarn or the way the ball always gets stuck under your chair ... then look at precisely those glitches. Is there something different you could do about the way you feed the yarn through? If you take a look at a few "how to" tutorials on the internet, you'll see a huge variety of ways to hold the yarn. Some crocheters use their pinky fingers to raise it aloft above their work. Some spread their fingers wide and thread the yarn through them. Try a few styles and see if one works better for you. As for balls of yarn, there are various clever accessories you can buy that promise to keep the flow of yarn smooth—some of which you can make yourself. I keep my yarn on the floor which seems to work fine, unless I'm on a train or plane, when it's in a bag to keep it out of other people's way.
4. Pencil or knife?
Just as there are lots of ways to hold your yarn, there are countless methods of holding the hook as well. Two of the most important differences are whether you opt for a pencil grip or a knife style. If you naturally sway towards one, but feel your crochet is slow, it's a good idea to give the other way a try, just to see whether it loosens up your crochet style and adds that crucial bit of speed.
5. Concentrate on concentrating
Do you work best in a hushed atmosphere, like a library? Or do you prefer to rock out a bit as you go along? Having the right setting for your crochet can make a huge difference to your speed—and to your satisfaction levels while you are busy. I tend to concentrate on the stitches until I know the pattern, just referring back to the written instructions or video tutorial as I need to, and then settle down to watch something great on my laptop as a real treat. But I know other crocheting friends who love listening to classical music as they go, or even some who manage to prop a book open and read as they hook.
6. Enjoy the experience
Crochet is a multi-sensory activity, involving the feel of the yarn, the gentle sound of the hooking, the look of the pattern you are creating, the effort to understand the pattern and the satisfaction of making something beautiful, either for a loved one, to enhance your home, or for yourself. It's a richly immersive and rewarding hobby and the more you enjoy what you are doing, the better, and faster, you will become.
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